Pre and Post REM


Visit Wrocław, the city of islands and over a hundred bridges, gothic architecture and street art. Here you discover over a thousand years of exceptionally twisted history, traced by varied European dynasties and countries. This European Capital of Culture 2016, UNESCO World Book Capital, UNESCO City of Literature and Best European Destination in 2018 offers a lot of attractions and diverse cultural events.  At night, it bustles with life in hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs. Experience its unique atmosphere and make unforgettable memories in the city called “the meeting place”. 

Wrocław has over 600 gnome sculptures hidden around the city

The package includes:

  • 3 nights in a Hotel in Wrocław
  • City game – Find the dwarfs
  • Local cuisine tasting
  • Transport from Wrocław to Cracow

! You need to get to Wrocław on your own!

Searching for gnomes in Wroclaw is a fun activity for children and adults alike when visiting. Will you find them all?

Wrocław has over 112 bridges in the city

Wrocław has one of the oldest restaurants in Europe


Take a trip with us to the beautiful Tatra Mountains. Relax after this intensive REM by taking a dive in thermal pools (and maybe even a sauna?) and eating some amazing regional dishes. During the trip we will visit the famous “Krupówki” in Zakopane for your chance to do some shopping. For some of you, who will still have energy, we are planning some light to medium trails in the mountains. To make it even better, we will organise a traditional Highlander feast in the most amazing Inn. 
So pack a swimsuit and some comfortable shoes and travel with us to the Southern border of Poland.

The package includes:

  • 3 nights in a Hotel in Tatra Mountains
  • Trip to the mountains (for interested ones)
  • Visit in the local thermal pools
  • Party in the typical folk restaurant “Karczma” with live music
  • Transport from and to Cracow


Do you have your swimsuit ready for a thermal bath?

We can admire the beauty of the Tatra landscape by going on mountain trails

However, mountain peaks are not everything, as Tatras offer also beautiful valleys carved by the streams, climatic caves and transparent lakes.